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Simba began life as a subsidiary of the Simba Project but in 1995 it was registered as a standalone housing association with the express aim of providing a range of affordable housing options and services to people, primarily from the African and African-Caribbean community, in housing need.

Chairmans Report

By Alwyn Lewis

I am delighted to introduce this year’s Annual Report. We have, during the year under review, continued to focus on identifying and meeting people’s needs particularly those of our targeted client group. During my time as Chair we have tried hard to remain focused on being a well-run business.
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Our strength remains our deep roots in the local community and our ability to determine what our people need and to respond to those needs in a caring and cost-effective way. To this end we must thank: Peabody, Optivo, Hexagon HA and especially London & Quadrant and the Royal Borough of Greenwich, who have been with us on the journey from the very beginning and continue to be an integral part of our journey.

Simba operates in a city where violence amongst youths continue to be an issue of concern. At Simba we are working to create a caring organisation and our primary focus remains the people we house. We are determined to help our young people achieve their aspiration and will endeavour to continue to build on our past successes The annual report highlights some of the achievements during the past year and we must now look at how we can improve on those results in the future. We intend to further

– involve tenants in the management of their homes
– Seek opinion from tenants on the service we provide
– Continue to look for ways to increase our management stock to enable us to continue to assist our community’ housing needs.

We hope to see a continued, fruitful outcome from the partnerships that we have built up with the Royal Borough of Greenwich, housing associations, tenants and contractors. Simba must not meet the same fate that some other larger black led providers have and so we will be prudent with the resources that we have built up over the years.

In closing, I would like to express my gratitude to – staff, tenants and voluntary board members for their effort in contributing to our
continued success over the years. Without their tireless endeavours, this journey would not have taken us to where we are today. Thank you all on behalf of SIMBA and the hundreds of tenants who have benefited from our efforts.

Treasurers Report

By Ann-Marie Cousins

Simba HA income has remained stable over the past 3 years and saw a small increase in the past year. This was however, offset by
an increase in expenditure, a significant portion directly related to improvements to our properties.

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Below we have summarized our income and expenditure for the year under review in Comparison to the previous 3 year’s figures below.

2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Total Income £542,916.00 £527,187.00 £508,706.00 £516,047.00
Total Expenditure £517,944.00 £495,176.00 £470,484.00 £49,4441.00
Operating Surplus £24,972.00 £32,011.00 £38,222.00 £21,606.00


The Association sets aside approximately 95% of its surplus for the year to meet: future sinking fund obligations, major repairs, cost of redundancy, business continuity, growth & development and for designated Reserves.

The organisation’s financial position for the year is shown in the details on pages 8 to 9 of the financial statements.

years Established

hour support

clients rehoused

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